Thursday, August 18, 2016

How Much Does LifeLock Cost?

 LifeLock® Special Discount and Coupon

10% discount + 30 day Risk-Free* trial
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This is a permanent discount that renews every year for the duration of your membership.

LifeLock has three membership levels:  Standard,  Advantage and  Ultimate Plus.
Here's how much they cost:
(Applicable sales tax not included.)

LifeLock Ultimate Plus
  • Monthly - $29.99 or $26.99 with a discount
  • Yearly   -  $329.89 or $296.90 with a discount

LifeLock Advantage
  • Monthly - $19.99 or $17.99 with a discount
  • Yearly    - $219.89 or $197.90 with a discount

LifeLock Basic
  • Monthly - $9.99 or $8.99 with a discount
  • Yearly    - $109.89 or $98.99 with a discount
You can get the discounted price + 30 days risk-free* by using the promo code "10Now".

Click here to read about LifeLock Ultimate Plus plan.

*Credit card required at enrollment. If you’re not completely satisfied within your 30-day risk-free period, call 1-800-LifeLock to receive a full refund. At enrollment, your credit card will be bill automatically ($8.99mo/$98.90yr for LifeLock Standardor $17.99mo/$197.90yr for LifeLock Advantage or $26.99mo/$296.90yr for LifeLock Ultimate Plus, plus applicable sales tax). Further details about automatic charges will be provided at enrollment. You can cancel LifeLock services anytime without penalty by calling 1-800-LifeLock. Offer is for new LifeLock members only. Offer is available for LifeLock Standard, LifeLock Advantage and LifeLock Ultimate Plus memberships only. Not combinable with other offers.