Monday, March 3, 2008

LifeLock Protection Keeps Customers Happy

LifeLock® customers have high praise for the protection they get after enrolling. Many have said they immediately get a feeling of relief after finishing the sign-up process. If you've been worried about identity theft and the long, difficult hours of repairing your credit files, consider trying LifeLock.

They are the fastest growing identity theft protection company in the US. Many national chains of banks such as Fifth Third and Founder's Bank offer it to their customers and employees as an added benefit. AAA also endorses it for their members in many parts of the country. The NRA - National Rifle Association - has given it a thumbs-up.

Because LifeLock offers a 30 day free* trial period if you use the promotion code - TEN30, it allows you to give their services a test drive. There is never any obligation or pressure to continue - you can stop coverage at any time. Because of this positive attitude towards their clients, the retention rate is very high.

The same promotion code that gave you the 30 day free* trial will also give you LifeLock for only $8.99 a month. This is a much lower rate than any other type of identity theft protection or credit monitoring plans. You can also protect your children's identities LifeLock Junior to ensure they start out their adult life with a nice, clean slate.